Daycare Program

oshawa daycareAt Play and Learn Kids, your child will have an opportunity to develop socially, cognitively, and physically as they participate in activities and play-based learning throughout their day. As children approach kindergarten, they will acquire the skills needed to make a successful transition into the school years.

During child-directed play, kids can choose from 10 different learning centers filled with educational age appropriate materials prepared for them. My role as a facilitator is to help each child get the most from their play experience, which is their “work.” There will also be plenty of opportunities for your child to learn during our planned development activities and games. Group activities, crafts, and games are beneficial to your child’s development and crucial as they approach kindergarten.

play and learn kids daycare oshawaWe follow daily routines and schedules each day, which are an important part of your child’s development. Outdoor fun is scheduled each morning and afternoon. There is a fully fenced backyard where children can enjoy physical activity time! Many trips to the park are enjoyed in the summer, along with picnic snacks. Each morning there is circle time, which includes stories, songs, and fingerplays. New content is introduced throughout the year based on topics and themes discussed (ie: On the Farm).

Music is an important part of the Play and Learn program. Children will have fun with movement activities and scarves, as well as silly dance songs, indoors and out. Lummi sticks, tambourines and shakers are provided for music and rhythm.

Your child will get excited about early literacy with the use of the Jolly Phonics program used by many teachers in local school boards. This is a multi-sensory, active program suited for young students, which introduces them to the main 42 sounds of English, not just the alphabet. There is a song, story, and sign for each sound introduced. Each day the letters and sounds that are being introduced through the Jolly Phonics Program are reinforced with fun group time activities and games.